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Infra I Nova Pvt Ltd is a kerala-based studio that specialises in modern architecture and infrastructure, as stated in Abisha's bio. Abisha acquired the architectural degree at the Marian College of Architecture Kerala,. Each project is previewed in a grid overview, and by clicking through, a gallery of pictures is displayed that show each one depth. It is evident from projects like Photosynthesis House and Lagoon House that Abisha's work emphasises environmental harmony. In the portfolio of architectural work, Abisha briefly describes each project's history and some of the challenges and salient features of each design.


As a  true client-driven design-build company INFRA I NOVA Pvt.Ltd. constantly works to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction. We continue to be the top design-build company in Kerala due to the integrated approach that our young architects take to architecture and the project management skills of our engineers. In addition, we offer the best support for each client's lifestyle using our customary straightforward methodology that is 100 percent transparent and true relationships.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+9 8138 000 333

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