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Today’s architecture and engineering are two separate higher formations that share similar scopes and as a result, have points of intersection ,but still maintain basic differences. Despite the fact that this overlapping of activities leads to lack of consensus both in terms of the profession’s history and present professional practice, it is critical to emphasise the contrasts and specificities that distinguish each of these professions today.

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To begin with architects and civil engineers are two distinct professions involved in the design and planning of a construction project. Architects create the required structure. They do so while taking into account a variety of criteria and maintaining the aesthetic value and design efficiency in mind. Civil engineers examine the plan created by architects and analyse the potential dangers. Civil engineers examine all of the technical details to ensure that the projects go off without a put in another way, an architect creates using design elements while keeping the planned building’s usefulness and aesthetic in mind. A civil engineer on the other hand, is responsible for resolving extraordinarily difficult challenges that arise throughout the construction process. The job of an architect is definitely more on the ‘art ‘side of the spectrum. They must be prepared to examine a variety of factors, such as

  • Space functionality

  • Aesthetics

  • Artistry

  • The design ergonomics

In comparison to a civil engineer, an architect is seen as more creative professional. Both, however, play a significant role in lead up to a project’s debut. civil engineering necessitates attention in some of the projects more complex but crucial area. They must consider a number of functional considerations, including:

  • Technology constraints

  • Structure

  • Stability

To summarise, architects create and design .civil engineers on the other hand, see how the design can be executed

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