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Christin Alex R | Director of Infra I Nova Pvt.Ltd.



Meet our director, Mr. Christin Alex R, one of Kerala's best building design consultants. Before beginning your dream projects, whether they are little or vast in scope, get your consultation to ensure that the project will be worthwhile.His expertise in a variety of fields will help you make your efforts a success.He is continuously lecturing and teaching many candidates in order to inspire and make them successful. After receiving his master's degree from IIT Kharagpur, he worked on various construction projects to gain profuse field skills. However, after consulting the IISER Vithura projects in 2013–14, he gained  confidence to carry out difficult projects.His capacity for continual learning is demonstrated by his 2019 MBA studies at IIM Kozhikode. In order to advance, he is currently exploring the use of 3D printing technology in the construction sector and post tensioning structures in small-scale projects. His sole goal is to  upgrade   the office to be the one among the top 10 construction and architecture firms in India by 2030 and the best in Trivandrum by 2023.

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