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BIM for Architecture

Building information modelling (BIM) is frequently seen as a catalyst for productivity and innovation in the building sector.BIM may help in several areas of construction to speed up the process and make it more cost-effective, which helps to achieve the world's multiple goals in the shortest amount of time possible.Although BIM adoption is rising in rich nations, instances of it being used in developing nations are few and far between.According to research, construction companies face a number of challenges related to the socioeconomic and technological environment present in developing nations.

Lack of IT-savvy employees and a lack of national BIM implementation initiatives are two examples of problems hindering BIM adoption. This article discusses some of the challenges and solutions for BIM implementations specific to low- and middle-income economies based on a study of recent research.According to research, construction companies in developing nations frequently outsource their IT needs or create workarounds to cut costs and enable BIM, such as employing "fake" IT licences.The best architects in Trivandrum, Infra I Nova Pvt Ltd, one of the top 10 architects and engineers in Kerala, is working to find solutions to the problems with BIM implementations in indian conditions.

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